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On first impression, it was obvious they were boys. They complained to the noona they like not to spray perfume. Instead of being able to give gifts, they were boys who confessed they would give love. Nicknamed ‘young-dols’, they showed knife-like choreography giving them the name ‘knife-like dance-dols’ and ‘emotional dance-dols’. This is the 5 year old idol group Teen Top’s story. Having debut with an average age of 16.3, they were named the ‘youngest-dols’, but now even the youngest, Changjo, has entered his 20s with the rest of the members. When they’re not practicing, playing games is number one. Little by little, traces of their youth can be seen in parts of their everyday lives. Because they are men who even know about drinking in the daytime on lonely days. They are on the border between boyhood and manhood, but they have confidence in what are smart moves to make to do well. The six members mix their emotions well through each unique performance, something that can be seen in their expressive stages. Only these ‘trend idols’ seem unstoppable. Meeting their ambitious looks while shooting, midnight had already passed and they were a bit distracted as they talked. The six member group would diss on another and made jokes all throughout. Because he couldn’t overcome his sleepyness, Chunji’s dog ‘Meonji’ that had been brought along was nodding off. The LA concert and South American tour, as well as with a new album comeback around the corner, this was Teen Top’s day.

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